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Perfect Tree Puff Mints (6 pack)


  • Breeder: Perfect Tree
    • Gender: Feminised
    • Photoperiod: Normal
    • Genetics: Peach Ozz x Jet A
    • Genotype: Indica predominant
    • Yield indoor: 500g/m2
    • Flowering time: 8 weeks

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Perfect Tree Puff Mints

Perfect Tree Puff Mints

is a creation of 2 world-class cultivars that effortlessly combine to create this terp-filled relaxing Indica dominant strain.

From Perfect Tree’s selection of Kush Mints F2 by Seed Junky Genetics. They kept a plant with so much frost everywhere that you know just by seeing her that she is a proper Hashish Queen!

Thankfully these attributes are also found in most phenotypes of Puff Mints.

The flavour profile Puff Mints creates a mixed cookie, doughy tones that are incredibly sweet and creamy. They were sure to avoid the toasted cookie terps that the Perfect Tree breeders don’t enjoy consuming or working with. Extremely potent gas comes in as expected from the multiple cups winning Jet A (reversal). The plants themselves grow stocky to a short/ medium height and are heavily coated in beautiful resin glands. The Puff Mints strains tend to express 2 main phenotypes. One that is dark green and the other that is dark purple.

Puff Mints is an easy to grow and pleasant variety to work with. The effects are perfect for balancing your day if you love Indica strains and on the contrary to what you might think she isn’t a knock out strain but will definitely bless you with her deeply relaxing effects. The resin production is also stupidly high. You’ll quickly notice that masses of trichomes fall from the plant when it is handled. Even when you barely touch it!

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