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Master Trimmers Automatic Leaf Trimmer 60cm


How to use:

  • Remove the dome and fill the grid with buds.
  • Replace the dome.
  • Connect the supplied power adapter to the mains.
  • Turn on the peeler with the button located on the base

The peeler includes:

  • Power cable with transformer.
  • Peeling blades to replace the blades, with greater precision in trimming.
  • Adherent rubber floor to hold the peeler to the surface.
  • Storage and transport case with handles.
  • Silicone brush
  • User manual

Available on backorder

Master Trimmers Automatic Leaf Trimmer 60cm

Master Trimmers Automatic Leaf Trimmer 60cm. Automatic Peeler, an excellent cannabis peeler for small and medium growers. The speed of work is adjustable by electric potentiometer in automatic mode and possibility of manual operation in case of not having electricity.

The easily recognizable design of this versatile peeler consists of a transparent dome that allows the visualization of the cutting process at all times. In its upper part is the crank to activate manually. It is removable, which reduces the volume of the packaging and the cost of transport.

The dome rests on a circular rubber gasket placed on top of the base or leaf collection tank in bowl shape. Once in operation, said rubber gasket makes it easier for the flowers to escape from the area of cut.

Between the blades and the dome is the grid where the flowers are deposited to enable the action of the cutting blades. Blades are rust-proof and offer high working efficiency. The button ignition is constituted as a regulating potentiometer that allows choosing the working speed depending on the amount of flowers or the finish that is intended.

The cutting job is made easier thanks to the action of some silicone strips that rotate at the same speed as operation. And that push the flowers against the cutting blades at all times.

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