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Master Trimmer MS Seeds Deseeder

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The MS Seeds deseeder is the only machine on the market that can separate cannabis seeds from flowers

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The MS Seeds deseeder is the only machine on the market that can separate cannabis seeds from flowers and leaves and clean them. It has been designed to deseed, clean and calibrate the seeds of your dried plants.

MS Seeds provides seed-free biomass, enabling extraction of stable and high-quality oils for the medicinal sector. It can also provide completely cleaned seeds for oil extraction or replanting. 

Reduce production costs

Diameter separator barrel

  • Powerful geared motors for stable performance.
  • Clean and intact vegetable product for extractions.
  • Seed obtained without any damage to be replanted and/or for extractions.
  • Work equivalent to 25 operators.
  • Diameter separator barrel for sorting seeds into two sizes
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance.
  • Designed to be easily moved.
  • Made of stainless steel, without any type of paint.
  • Production: 35kg/h, equivalent: 25 person
  • Certificates: GMP, 5 years warranty, Food Quality, CE


The flowers are treated gently during the whole cycle at MS Seeds, they are perfectly stored in the cyclone filters and kept with a diameter of 4 to 6 mm, totally cleaned and crushed for their use in replanting and/or extraction.

At the end of the production line, the seeds are stored in the two containers separated by size, clean and ready for use.

Thanks to the different mechanisms of the MS Seeds, the cannabis seeds retain their qualities and physical characteristics.

The machine is capable of processing up to 35 kg/h of dry product.

Technical data


Electrical connection230 V 50/60 Hz
Motor power120 W
Aspirator motor power1000 W
Machine weight80 kg
Machine dimensions135x70x121 cm
Pallet dimensions145x81x180
Dry production35 kg/h
Noise level75 db
Machine materialsStainless steel
Adjustable air suctionYes
Engine air coolerYes
Plant materials cyclone separatorYes
Security systemYes
Seed size2 different sizes
Air suctionYes
Warranty5 years


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