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Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash
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Volcanic Ash

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Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash Micronized by Lurpe Natural Solutions, comes from a deposit in Utah (USA). Its purity and particle size allow it to be used in both Super Soil and Compost Teas.

Ingredients: 100% Azomite®


  • 0.5-2 g l of substrate.
  • 75-200 g/m 2 orchard.
  • 1-2 g/l in tea

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Lurpe Natural Solutions

Lurpe Natural Solutions was born with the aim of guiding its clients to generate a living and healthy soil. We have created specific blends with the best ingredients, to guarantee natural nutrition in all phases of plant development. We are a multidisciplinary team with diverse capacities that take us 20 years in the agricultural sector, without losing the illusion of learning more about the life on soils. We want our action to contribute to change the model in which we live towards something more respectful with the environment. All of us who form the Lurpe Natural Solutions team live in natural environments in contact with nature.

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