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Molasses - plant preventive and flowering booster
Molasses – plant preventive and flowering booster
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Molasses – plant preventive and flowering booster

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Molasses sugarcane  from Lurpe Natural Solutions, unsulfured, ideal food for soil microbiology. Add it to all your Compost Teas, or to the irrigation water once a week.

Molasses is a dark brown, thick syrup with a slightly alkaline reaction. It is formed as a by-product during the production of sugar. It is a product of approximately 40% sucrose, a rich source of iron and minerals.

It is an excellent source of carbohydrates for soil microorganisms that play an important role in the development of cultivated plants. In addition to improving soil quality, using molasses to irrigate crops also helps prevent the build-up of unwanted pathogens that can harm your plants.

Usually the benefits of molasses will be most noticed during the flowering phase of plants, however, it can be used throughout the period, from vegetative to late flowering. Molasses produces tougher and heavier flowers that are desired by commercial growers.





Lurpe Natural Solutions

Lurpe Natural Solutions was born with the aim of guiding its clients to generate a living and healthy soil. We have created specific blends with the best ingredients, to guarantee natural nutrition in all phases of plant development. We are a multidisciplinary team with diverse capacities that take us 20 years in the agricultural sector, without losing the illusion of learning more about the life on soils. We want our action to contribute to change the model in which we live towards something more respectful with the environment. All of us who form the Lurpe Natural Solutions team live in natural environments in contact with nature.

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