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Root !T Rooting Gel 150ml



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Root !T Rooting Gel 150ml

ROOT! T rooting gel is the first gel formulation specifically developed for use with propagators, sprouting discs, and more traditional substrates. ROOT! T Gel helps in the natural development of seedlings’ roots.

This fantastic product comes in the form of a gel that stays firmly in the ankle, replacing other powdered conditioners. ROOT! T gel, unlike other gels, is placed directly in the central cavity of the ankle. The gel creates a seal around the incision surface to aid nutrient absorption and help prevent dehydration and infection. It will work just as effectively with peat cubes, coconut, wool, earth.

Root Gel! T has been used in extensive studies of garden plants, including herbs and others. The use of the root! It gel optimizes root formation in the initial stage of development, increases the growth of the root mass, supports its rapid growth and supplies the root with all the necessary ingredients for proper development. It is economical and easy to use.


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