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Transport Box for seedlings


  • The case is made of hard recycled plastic
  • Perfect for transporting 6 seedlings
  • Maximum plug size: 38x42mm.
  • Best for transporting seedlings, clones

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Transport Box for seedlings

The seedling transporter box is a plastic cover for the safe transport of seedlings or cuttings. This plastic housing allows 6 plants to be placed, firmly held at the base, to avoid them turning upside down and causing damage. The inner shape of this transport case is sufficient for 6 plants, no matter if they are arranged in signs or rockwool, avoiding all kinds of movement thanks to the studied form that holds the plant by the cork. This transport case is made of green plastic, with a pressure lock against unwanted openings. If you need to travel with your favorite genetics, this is the best way to get your plants safely to their destination.

Case dimensions: 28 x 23.5 x 4.5 (cm).

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