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Over recent times, auto-flowering strains have dominated the seed sector. In extremely short periods, the Ruderalis genetics provided pheno hunters the possibility to cultivate high yielding cannabis plants. With all of the wonderful new strains that now exist, it can be a challenge to find reliable autoflowers. Below you can find Top Autoflowering Strains to check in 2021. Let’s see these ladies!

Gorilla Girl XL Auto – Sweet Seeds

Gorilla Girll XL Auto calyxes

In this paragraph we focus on the incredible Gorilla Girl XL Auto of Sweet Seeds is another power generator worthy of discussion. Firstly, many who have experimented in the genetics of cookies will know that this cross is not disappointing. The strain is for stoners with fondness for powerful, fruity aromas, as a Sativa dominant mix of Gorilla Girl and Sweet Gelato Auto. Due to the enormous 25 percent THC it creates solid high, leaving users with a variety of Sativa-type effects. The crazy development of trichomes makes it excellent, even with only trim, for extracts and edibles. That is for sure one of the top autoflowering strains to grow in 2021.

A autoflowering strain of the sixth generation. A tall “Super Strong” strain of marijuana developed by crossing two of the Cookies family. The most effective varieties: Gorilla Girl x Sweet Gelato Auto ® (SWS74 x SWS76).

With very high THC levels of up to 25 percent, it has a potent, stimulating effect. This threshold can also be exceeded by individual plants.

The buds, with tones of blue cypress and wood are complemented by citric, earthy shades. She has an intense, sweet and fruity aroma and flavor.

The buds of the plants are heavily resin filled, have long trichomes and very large calyxes of flowers. This strain is known for its exuberant production of resin which fully coats aromatic trichomes with the calyxes.

Orange Sherbet Auto – Fast Buds

marijuana seed Auto Orange Sherbet Fast Buds feminised 3
breed włos

Without mentioning this Sativa dominant auto hybrid by Fast Buds, we could not go. This amazing citrusy Sherbert lady tastes like a freshly cut fruit and has a beautiful orange flavor. Orange Sherbert has incredible yields of 500 – 650g/m2 in addition to its strong flavours. Particularly because in under 10 weeks it can go from seed to harvest. A sativa dominant citrus terpy beast that hash makers and extractors will fall in love with.

A superb autoflowering hybrid that boasts an impressive 24% THC, to match her wonderful taste with potency. Well recommended for first-time growers looking for a low maintenance. Extremely productive cultivar that will flower from seed to harvest in 9-10 weeks. This strain can grow tall making her one of the larger autoflowering hybrids. She is a wise choice for commercial growers in search of something extra special. Her buds are encrusted with trichomes giving her a totally white appearance. The calyxes are large-sized making her buds look stacked.

After tasting Orange Sherbet Auto, you will feel Sativa dominance and potency as she keeps you in orbit for hours. Absolutely delicious flavors and an effect that can be described as uplifting, exhilarating, deeply creative, and motivated. This cultivar is perfect for social scenarios as dinner parties, sportive events like a long hike.

She will be good for getting through a long to-do list or just playing music, gaming, or reading. OS is one of Fast Bud’s taller hybrids. She can grow between 110-150cm so it’s best suited for those with plenty of growing space. Thanks to her Sativa heritage, you can expect her to grow quickly. She will emerge with large sized internodal spacing and a wide bushy appearance. Yields of 500-600gr/m2 can be expected, so it is advised supporting her during the blooming period.

Watermelon Zkittlez Auto – Barney’s Farm

watermelon-zkittlez-barneys farm marijuana seeds wholesale cannabis

Barneys Farm’s Watermelon Zkittlez Auto: Look out, because Watermelon Zkittlez Auto has the power to bounce you sideways like a ninepin. Discover her special fruity flavors from this phenomenal trichome-loaded THC factory as they froth and fizz.
An easy-to-grow but awe-inspiring autoflower, this plant is able to produce in experienced hands prodigious yields in excess of 550 gr/m2.

aid that, she is also an uncomplicated plant that grows herself a lot, so for beginners and experts alike, it can be an ideal choice.
When planted in just 70 days, this sensational specimen will spring into bloom, a true speed demon. As she is easy girl to trim harvesting is a synch. Later on, its effervescent effects can softly pamper you into a state of mind that is incredibly calm.

Watermelon Skittlez Auto grows to a height of just 140 cm, making it suitable for growing on the terrace and balcony.
A strong and long lasting euphoric effect is assured by high THC levels (26 percent). Make sure that you try Watermelon Zkittlez Auto’s all-tropical flavors at least once in your life. You’re not going to be sorry for what you did.

Gorilla Glue Auto – Fast Buds

The one, the only one, and the iconic Gorilla Glue! Ask any skilled growers and they would probably tell you that the extremely strong Gorilla Glue might be one of the best strains of hybrids you will produce today. Who would like to argue? Now let’s take all the GG goodness that raves like nuts in the cannabis world, let’s incorporate autoflowering genetics, and what we’re seeing is an autoflower that’s just awesome! When you get a wiff of her resin-covered buds with their excellent pine and sour tastes that she got from her kin, Gorilla Glue Auto can make your mouth water.

But not only does the “Glue” part of her name stand for her insane output of resin. It can also be a good combination of Sativa and Indica, uplifting and soothing at the same time, with its joyful and very positive influence. Smoke a bit longer, and you could find yourself trapped on your couch in some extremely deep relaxing. Immensely high thanks to an outstanding 20-24% of THC! Note that she’s very fast growing, and she’s doing it well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Only use some huge pots (and if we say big, we mean, really, just get the biggest posts you can get!). Thanks to that you will have a lot of super-stick and ultra-powerful Gorilla Glue ready in ten weeks! That is definitely one of the Top Autoflowering strains to grow in 2021.

HulkBerry Auto – Royal Queen Seeds

Hulkberry Auto

HulkBerry Automatic is the revved-up version of Bruce Banner #3 Auto by Royal Queen Seeds. She’s is among the most potent autos you will get your hands on in this area. It can easily outperforming many photoperiod strains. We tried to duplicate Bruce Banner #3 Autoflowering’s sheer power while teasing out a rich and friendly profile of terpene. It look innocent to HulkBerry Automatic, but don’t underestimate her! Her compact and frosty flowers provide up to 21 percent THC content, adequate to please the most seasoned of smokers. After a vape hit or bong bowl from HulkBerry Automatic, expect a wave of euphoria to crash over you.

The strain is motivational, enhances alertness, and gets the creative juices going. A great strain for beginners – HulkBerry Automatic. She’s small, easy to grow, and gives a satisfying yield. What’s more, in as little as 65-70 days, she surges from seedling into a mature plant. For growers looking to stay stealthy, she’s also a good choice, as she rarely reaches a height of 100cm. Plants grown indoors provide an average yield of 450-500gr/m², and outdoors she can produce up to 100g per plant.

Skywalker Haze Auto – Dutch Passion

Hulkberry Auto

Dutch Passion Team has created one of the most potent, sativa-dominant autoflowering Haze strains that the industry has encountered. Cross of Skywalker Haze with Auto Amsterdam Amnesia.

It’s possible to consider the harvests to have XXL potential. Flowers covered in crystals may show a propensity to foxtail slightly, but none of the looks of this true beauty are diminished by this. The thick, frosty buds emit a powerful lemony, yet sweet scent. It’s quite a stretcher for this lady. We have seen people outside who can reach more than two meters tall in the open ground. That is very exceptional for an autoflower. In order to grow fully mature, ready-for-harvest seeds, this autoflower normally requires about 12 weeks from seed.

But these are certainly worth waiting for!

We think this cross shows the incredible potential of crossing old-skool with new-school, and outcomes are amazing! To believe it, you have to try it!

Conclusion – Top Autoflowering Strains 2021

We hope you’ve learned something new from this list of top autoflowering strains. Remember, good care and providing your plants with exactly the resources they need for the rest of their lives are the best outcomes. Autoflowering strains are indeed easier to develop than photoperiods, but all the right love is still needed. It is difficult to indicate top autoflowering strains to grow in 2021, but the list above shows new trends, releases or just amazing and strong genetics. Good luck!

Orgins of Haze – Original Amnesia Haze Auto

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