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Root !T Cutting Mist 100ml


Root !t Cutting Mist Features:

  • 100ml gel spray
  • Contains essential minerals
  • Apply to the mother 2 days before cutting
  • Apply on the cuttings and the plug during the first 3 days of rooting
  • Mix well before applying

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Root !T Cutting Mist 100ml

Root !t Cutting Mist 100ml is a small sprayer designed to improve the rooting ratio of our marijuana clones, using it either foliarly on the stem from which the cuttings will be cut, 2 days before cutting them, or on the cuttings once they are placed in the peat plug or the Root IT rooting sponge, during the first 3 days.

It contains the essential minerals that plants need in this process, in a liquid with a gel texture.

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