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Qnubu Pre-Press 5x10cm (2×4″)


  • Optimize your rosin extractions using the Qnubu Rosin Pre-Press. Now available in the qnubu.com catalog.
  • The use of a Pre-Press allows the vegetable matter to be compacted quickly and effectively in order to facilitate its insertion into the Rosin extraction bags.
  • As a result we will have a small brick ready for the meter inside the Rosin bags.
  • The Qnubu Pre-Press has dimensions of 5x10cm, the ideal size to be used with the small bags of Qnubu Rosin.
  • We recommend maintaining the pressure for 1 minute so that the bricks of vegetable matter are well compact.

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Qnubu Pre-Press 5x10cm (2×4″)

Qnubu Pre-Press 5x10cm (2×4″)

The Qnubu Pre-Press allows you to compact your plant material well to introduce it easily into the Rosin extraction bags, guaranteeing an optimal pressing. With the pre-press you get compact and perfectly sized bricks for Qnubu bags.

The process is very simple: introduce the plant material and press for a minute to make it compact.


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