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Perfect Tree Peach Sherbert OG (6 pack)


  • Breeder: Perfect Tree • Gender: Feminised • Photoperiod: Normal • Genetics: Falcon 9 x Peach Ozz • Genotype: Hybrid • Yield indoor: 500-800g/m2 • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

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Perfect Tree Peach Sherbert OG (6 pack)

Perfect Tree Peach Sherbert (6 pack) is a cross of two potent strains, the Falcon 9 and Peach Ozz.The Falcon 9 carries the entire characteristics of the legendary Sunset Sherbert with some signs of OG, also crossed with the wonderful Peach Ozz it rolled out extraordinary craze strong flavours.

This powerful strain gives amazing good yields, sticky and thick flowers. The characteristic of the resin is prominent and will provide you some of the terpiest ice water extraction. The Strain is a good-looking tall plant.

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