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Perfect Tree Mimozz (6 pack)


• Breeder: Perfect Tree • Gender: Feminised • Photoperiod: Normal • Genetics: Mimosa x Peach Ozz • Genotype: Hybrid • Yield indoor: 500-800g/m2 • Flowering time: 7-8 weeks

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Perfect Tree Mimozz (6 pack)

Perfect Tree Mimozz (6 pack)  is a sweet cross between the cup winner Mimosa from genetics and Peach Ozz.

The Mimosa mother is a fantastic plant, so vigorous with such great aromas, our cut is the perfect mix between the Clementine with her citrusy terps and the fruity Purple punch.
The Peach ozz is a plant with large amounts of resin that can give you that classic taco leaves look.
The pheno used for the reversal is very creamy, peachy, with some Zkittlez hints.
The result is a nice balance between both parents and we found two major phenotypes, one mimosa dominant earring most of the terpenes profile from the mother and another one sweeter.
It ́s a nice day time strain with very relaxing and upliftings effects.

Both phenos got an amazing resin production that make this strain a must for the extract artists.
If you like the terps of the Mimozz, this is the kind of plant that you want to keep in your garden forever.
It ́s a very colourful plant, you can expect some dark purple phenos depending of the temperature of your garden.
We advice to give her about 4 weeks in veg and to top her once or twice before going into flowering.
The fastest phenos will seemed to be ready in 7 weeks but she will be perfect to chop at week 8.
It’s a vigorous strain that grows quickly, it didn’t show any kind of weakness during the cycle and it makes some very dense buds covered in resin.
Mimozz took 2nd place for best sativa indoor at the secret cup Bizkaia in nov 2020.

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