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Perfect Tree Chantilly (6 pack)


Breeder: Perfect Tree
• Gender: Feminised
• Photoperiod: Normal
• Genetics: LA Kush Cake x Jet A
• Genotype: Predominance Indica
• Yield indoor: above 500g/m2
• Flowering time: 8 weeks

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Perfect Tree Chantilly (6 pack)

Perfect Tree Chantilly (6 pack)

is one of the last four strains created using the Jet A reversed pollen from their Exotic Genetix keeper cut. Chantilly crosses the supremely resinous. A Kush Cake from Seed Junky Genetics with the reversed pollen from the Jet A from Exotic Genetix.

Chantilly is a shorter plant that doesn’t tower too tall. She produces large and dense buds that perfect tree recommends topping multiple times. So it stacks on great weight as an excellent bush structure to maximise the yield. Every phenotype has great bag appeal thanks to the insane production of resin. You’ll find an array of terps here ranging from sweet notes of cookie dough, balanced by whipped cream hazelnut & some more intense deep terpenes that range from gas to cardamon.

Chantilly is another hash lover’s dream thanks to the massive resin production, which will make all hash fans & connoisseurs happy. In fact, Chantilly is one of the best strains Perfect Tree has created for solventless production types such as top-quality melting Ice-O-Lator / full melt bubble hash as well live rosin.

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