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Perfect Tree Bingsu Regular (12 pack)


  • Breeder: Perfect Tree • Gender: Regular • Photoperiod: Normal • Genetics: Ice Cream Bean x Jet A (Male) • Genotype: Hybrid • Yield indoor: ???/m2 • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

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Perfect Tree Bingsu (12 pack)

Perfect Tree Bingsu (12 pack)

 is a cross between our cup winner cut of Ice Cream Bean from Dying Breed Seeds and our stunning Jet-A Male from Exotic Genetix. This one is quite special, the kind of mix that has what every enthusiast is looking for. An intense terpene profile, lots of resin, fast flowering, pretty easy to grow and a huge yielder. The hard part with this plant is the selection.

The Ice Cream Bean carries that very special Blue Sherbert flavour and the male adds some serious gas and cream, coming from the complex gelato blend. As you probably notice this is not a fruity strain. The terpenes are so loud and the quality of the resin is so good that all kinds of extractions are absolute fire. The flavours will stay in your mouth forever!
So if you like those kinds of terpenes, you will be blessed by the Bingsu!

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