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Master Trimmers Peeler Tumbler MT 500


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Master Trimmers Peeler Tumbler MT 500

Master Trimmers Peeler Tumbler MT 500. Always in continuous research and development of its peelers, presents the Tumbler MT. Built Entirely in Europe and with European cGMP certificate of quality of manufacture and materials. Incorporates the new MT high precision cutting technology, which allows maximum adjustment of the cut of its 11 blades. The result It is not inferior to that of a manual peeling, with which the highest quality is achieved.

Made entirely of stainless steel, with crimped parts that allow tool-free disassembly in just a minute. 6-inch diameter stainless steel drum designed to prevent build-up and carry-over of flowers. The process runs smoothly without jams and without interruptions.

Maintenance and cleaning tasks are facilitated. It does not incorporate any type of paint that can contaminate your harvest. Capable of executing 320 cuts per second, while its powerful air suction equipment removes the sheets avoiding accumulations. For this, it has a high flow air bag of 40 microns for the suction of leaves.

The Tumbler MT 500 can be installed in series and thus increase production. It has been designed to be joined in tandem. Adding entry and exit tapes, and a lane to be able to give the desired inclination depending on the characteristics of the harvest. Up to 30% more production is achieved.

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