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Master Trimmers Peeler MT Professional 75


The Master Trimmer Professional 75 is one of the most advanced trimmers on the market today. Much safer and faster than other models, this machine is perfect for large producers. Built 100% in stainless steel, this machine is equipped with a powerful three-phase motor and 6 hardened steel blades for a longer life. With its speed regulator, we can control the revolutions of the blade to achieve a perfect cleaning with the desired time.

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Master Trimmers Peeler MT Professional 75

Master Trimmers Peeler MT Professional 75. Thanks to its powerful three-phase motor, we will not have the need to use the machine 100%, thus making the motor quieter and ensuring a long motor life.
It has a sheet recovery system under the blades with a very resistant mesh bag. The height of the blades can be adjusted to adjust the cut of the blades.
The legs and containers are removable.
How to use:
To cut, SEPARATE the freshly harvested flowers from the branches, put them in the upper container of the machine and open the lid to start the process.
Leave the flowers in the lower container for a certain time and control the engine power with the regulator.
Open the outlet cover towards the transparent tube once the flowers are as you wish.
Clean the machine from time to time and empty the waste bag.

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