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Master Trimmers Peeler MT Gentle


Data sheet:

Measurements: 50 x 50 x 130 cm


Materials: 100% stainless steel


The use of protective gloves and glasses is mandatory at all times. Gloves must be metallic and tight to prevent them from penetrating into the gaps in the grid.

Never put your hands or any other part of the body in contact with the grill.

Never use light strips or metallic materials on the grill.

Never apply pressure on top of the grill.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use of the cutter.

Use the cutters in accordance with the laws in force.

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Master Trimmers Peeler MT Gentle

Master Trimmers Peeler MT Gentle.

The MT Gentle has been created for growers looking for a machine that works gently with flowers.

It has been built in 100% stainless steel to facilitate cleaning. Extend the life of the machine and achieve a robust and solid machine.

Its leather straps rotate and move the flowers above the grid. Under the grid we find the tempered steel blades that cut all the blades. The inclination of the machine facilitates the exit of the flowers in an efficient and smooth way just by opening the handle.

The motor of the leather belts is provided with a reducer to achieve the desired speed without losing the power to be able to move the flowers. Even if the machine is dirty or the flowers are large and heavy.

How to use:

To cut with this machine SEPARATE the harvested flowers from the branches and place them in the upper container.

Let the leather straps rotate and let the blades cut until the desired moment. Open the handle and let the clean flowers come out.

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