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Humboldt Seed Supafreak Feminised

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Humboldt Seed Supafreak Feminised

Humboldt Seed Supafreak Feminised is the product of an extensive breeding and selection project conducted recently by Shapeshifter. It was selected from 120 phenotypes of f-6 generation Freakshow, and is completely stable for the following new traits; early finishing, it’s done Sept. 10-15 outdoors at most latitudes. A quicker finish indoors, 7-8wk, It has a lacier, thinner leaf structure especially toward maturity. Impressive bud structure with astounding calyx ratio.

The terpenes are unique and hard to describe, unlike anything we’ve smelled or tasted before. Blends of floral, fruit, chem, spice, and skunk. Nice fat colas can be expected, and also, like all the Freakshow lines she’s amazingly pest and mildew resistant.

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