Cannabinoids Analysis

Full TLC Purity Test Kit

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TLC kits check purity (number of ingredients and quality). Get reagent tests to identify detected substances.

  • Gloves, instructions, pencil, jar
  • 20 Glass Tubes (1 ul), 5 Test Tubes
  • UV-C light (requires 4 AA batteries)
  • Cocaine, MDMA, CBD and THC rulers
  • 5 Testing “Cards” (5-20 tests), 2 Testing Liquids (30 ml)

Full TLC purity Test Kit

Full Purity PRO Test is a kit for detecting and estimating potency (%) of synthetic substances, alkaloids and cannabinoids. Includes a thin layer chromatography (TLC) set equipped in all required accessories. It is used to help identify substances and to rule out syntethic, less predictable and less desirable, highly toxic dangerous drugs. This kit can be used to estimate amount of substances in plants, crystals, powder, pills or liquid, however the set does not replace reagents for identification.

The Full Purity PRO Test Kit comes with instructions, glass tubes, UV-C light, testing “cards”, developing jar, 2 testing liquids (30 ml) and rulers for measuring the % content of cocaine, MDMA, CBD or THC. Each 1 testing “card”, 4 glass tubes and 6 ml of testing liquid account for 4 tests. High-quality glass protects reagents from air and moisture to ensure prolonged shelf life. Metal lids guarantee 0 spills. For extra-stealth ask us in the checkout notes to remove substance-related stickers and fliers.

Full potency test kit includes 1 testing liquid. It’s best to use this test kit for plants, crystals, powders, pills, capsules or solutions.

NOTE: Testing “cards” for testing substance purity are very sensitive and have to be stored in a dry, dark space. If you are uncertain whether the substance purity test kit will work, test it with a previously checked sample.

TLC Purity Test REFILL

  • 5 Testing Cards (20 tests)
  • 20 Glass Tubes (1 ul)
  • 5 Test Vials
  • Testing Liquid

Note: TLC Purity test Refill does not include a complete TLC PRO Test.

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15-60 tests, 5-20 tests, 5-20 tests refill


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