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BioTabs Starter Pack


  • Less work, larger organic yields.
  • Certified 100% Organic.
  • Let nature do the work!
  • Enough for 5 to 10 plants, depending on the pot-size used.
  • Let nature do the work!

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BioTabs Starter Pack

BioTabs Starter Pack – When you are getting ready for 100% organic growth, it is best to prepare your soil with a rich mix of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. Our Starter Pack contains nutrients and soil improvers that you are going to need for a thriving and successful and 100% organic growth. Enough for 5 to 10 plants depending on the pot size that is used.

The method consists of preparing the substrate with the BioTabs products in the quantities indicated and repeating the same procedure each time the plant is transplanted into a new pot. The formula is so simple, you only need to add water!

Control Union Certified – 100% Organic Ingredients.


  • BACTREX 25 Grams
  • MYCOTREX 50 Grams
  • BioTabs 10 Tablets
  • ORGATREX 0.25 Litre
  • STARTREX 250 Grams

BioTabs Manuals

To gain optimal benefit from BioTabs products and the Starter Pack, please read our BioTabs Manual.

When sending the Starter Pack to the USA or Australia we must ship without any liquids, eg. ORGATREX and so we will substitute that for SILICIUM FLASH, an amazing alternative product. In such cases, you should follow the Just Add Water Strategy.



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