What is it about ?

This Open Seeds campaign is dedicated to supporting growers all over the world! You have the opportunity to buy genetics that would normally cost much more. You pay properly for service and shipping costs. You have a feminized seed for 1 euro and there are as many as 30,000 of them! 

Why are we doing this?

For a simple reason. Because we like to combine pleasant with useful. We want to share our genetics with you and support novice growers. In addition, there were hard times of the Covid-19 pandemic, which confused many of us in our lives.

What’s in the packages

Non-fiber hemp seed. Randomly selected. Good for outdoor and indoor. Most of them have a short flowering time and high resistance for stress.

The seeds are feminized and selected after careful selection. They sprout very well and are the result of our passion but also hard work. The vast majority of seeds have been tested by us and approved for possible sale. There are also some that we haven’t tested yet. We also want to share them. We’re pretty sure they won’t waste your time. 

Genetics from which we will draw packages:

  • Critical Industrial
  • Greasy monkey
  • Limon Og
  • Blueberry haze
  • Kings Narco Banner
  • Amnesia Skunk
  • Classic Haze
  • Amnesia Lemoniada
  • OG Lemoniada 
  • John Lemon 
  • Mandarin Zkittlez Lemon
  • Savage Lemon 
  • Rascal Lemon
  • Mistikal Lemon
  • Narco #5 Regular – Tester


  • Auto Gorilla Glue 
  • Northern Light Auto
  • AK 47 Auto
  • Narco Polo 2.0 Auto


Action regulations


Open Seed – Breeders for Growers


We start on February 26.02 and finish on July or while supplies last.


There are 3 packages wich include:

How to buy?

You can order them as a regular product. Just press Pack 10, Pack 30, Pack 100 or write in search engine Breeders for Growers


  • Shipment of packages only after prepayment
  • You can buy more than one package


  • The order fulfillment time depends on the number of ordered packages but it is not longer than 10 days.
  • Shipments are carried out from Spain and Poland
  • We send by Spanish Post (Correos) or Polish Post by priority, registered letter.
  • After sending the package, everyone will get a registration number for the package
  • If the package returns to us due to the fact that the package has not been picked up, the buyer is responsible for the additional cost of shipping
  • We do not send packages again if the package disappear (unless there are exceptional circumstances)


Remember that this is open seed Breeders For Growers, where we sell our genetics cheap, but we do not take responsibility for what grows out of it. Although we put a lot of work into obtaining them, we made the appropriate selection, and we tested many of them, they are not fully proven. You have such guarantees in the seeds available in our official sales offer.


Breeders can join!

If you want share your genetics with the world in this action just send us an e-mail: info(at)breedbros.com

Other regulation:

  • Each buyer will get the so-called Ganja Talon, which entitles you to cheaper purchases in our and partner stores. If you keep the voucher until the next edition of Breeders for Growers, it will entitle you to receive even more seeds than is included in the standard pack.
  • Packages can be combined with each other
  • There is no discount as you get more packages
  • Untested seeds are marked
Don’t buy it, just sow it!
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