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Super Soil living soil hot to make

How to make a Super Soil

I love spending countless hours on my computer looking for cannabis strains, going through seed producer and breeder websites sucking up information like a sponge. What are the new breeding and cultivating techniques and philosophies? What stands behind a seed brand? I just love seeking out all this info. One thing that I see more […]

Nitrogen – One of the most important elements of plant growth

Nitrogen in Cannabis introduction. Nitrogen is in its essence a chemical element. On the periodical table you can find it on the right of carbon and on the left of oxygen. This is no coincidence. Any chemist will tell you that carbon and oxygen are the basis of organic chemistry. Nitrogen is very common in […]

Probiotic Lactobacillis Bacteria bacillus

Article on LAB – Lactic Acid Bacteria

Organic Terpene Booster – Lactic Acid Bacteria *how to boost terpene and cannabinoids production in your buds* The organic cultivation of cannabis is becoming more and more popular around the world, which may be related to the fact that we are becoming more and more aware of how fragile our resources are at this point […]

cannabis seedlings germiante seeds sowing

How to germinate our seeds

How to Germinate our seeds?  One of the things we pay attention to when producing seeds is that they have a thick coating, so they can be stored for longer and are resistant to damage, disease and changes in climate. Sometimes, especially with beginner growers who choose a difficult germination method, it can affect the […]

The origins of Haze Family

In the paragraph. we are going to describe where does the Haze strains have its orgins. Haze is, probably, the most grown and renowned 100% sativa hybrid throughout the world. Its origins date back to the early 1970’s in the region of Santa Cruz, California (USA). During this time, two brothers known as the “Haze Brothers” (R. Haze […]

Top Autoflowering Strains to grow in 2021

the Ruderalis genetics provided pheno hunters the possibility to cultivate high yielding cannabis plants. With all of the wonderful new strains that now exist, it can be a challenge to find reliable autoflowers.