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Qnubu Press Auto Lion Automatic 20 Tons (Plate 7,6x25cm)


  • Pressure: 20000kg – 20 Tons
  • Plates: interchangeable 7,6×25/15×20 cm cm
  • Double Temperature Control: (0-200 ºc)
  • Timer: 0-999 Seconds – acoustic Warning
  • 220v European Plug
  • Consumption: 2000w/h
  • Weight: 91 Kg
  • Measurements: 53×34,5x63cm (Length X Width X Height)
  • Power: 2000w
  • Current: 8.5a
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Frequency: 50hz
  • Certification: Ce

“The Professional Press To Use At Home”

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Qnubu Press Auto Lion Automatic 20 Tons (Plate 7,6x25cm)

Qnubu Press Auto Lion Automatic 20 Tons (Plate 7,6x25cm)


What´s Rosin? Rosin technique is known as the botanical extraction through which essential oils are extracted naturally and without solvents. Using pressure and heat, we will obtain our extraction in a fast and effective way.

The technique is really simple:

  • We first place our product in between our nonstick Qnubu Extraction Paper,
  • We now apply pressure on the chosen product to compress it between both aluminium plates ( pressure time differs from user to user) 
  • We remove and open the paper to find our extract.

Benefits and Advantages of Rosin Technique:

  • Solvent Free (SHO)
  • Great Return
  • Parameters: Pressure/ Heat / Time
  • Speed: Your extraction ready within minutes, no added process 
  • Terpene Preservation
  • Plug and Play System: Connect and ready to use

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