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Plantalux LED Lamp AX60 150W Full Spectrum
Plantalux LED Lamp AX60 150W Full Spectrum
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Plantalux LED Lamp AX60 150W Full Spectrum


  • Dimensions and / or weight: 1000/100/25 mm
  • Cooling: passive
  • Service life: 80,000h
  • Dimming: Yes
  • The angle of incidence of light: 120
  • Power: 150W

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Plantalux LED Lamp AX60 150W Full Spectrum

Plantalux AX60 150W LED lamp

Plantalux Full Spectrum – SMD LED module with a very wide spectral range, enriched with 10% far red. It is used in particular in crops with little or no sunlight, e.g. vertical farms or indoor crops.


  • housing dimensions: 1000/100/25 mm
  • total power: max 150W
  • Power Factor: 0.98
  • degree of protection: IP66
  • luminaire equipped with a LED SMD light source
  • light source lifetime: 80,000 hours (9 years of continuous lighting)
  • beam angle: 120 °
  • luminaire equipped with diffusion glass for better light dispersion
  • housing made of aluminum
  • passive cooling system
  • warranty: basic 3 years, extended 5 years
  • the lamp has the following certificates: Rohs, CE, EAC, Polish product


The lamp is made to order.

Lead time: 3-4 business days.




Range [nm] 400 – 700
700 – 800
(Far Red)
600 – 700
500 – 600
400 – 500
380 – 400
Participation 90% 10% 38% 38% 14% 0%




We are Plantalux – a family-owned company located in Lubelskie voivodeship (Eastern Poland) that deals with advanced technology of enhancing plant growth in greenhouse production. From the very beginning we have been forming this company together: Jacek Lachowski (father), Rafał Lachowski (the eldest son) and Jakub Lachowski (the youngest son). Each Plantalux product is a fruit of Jacek’s over 30 years’ experience as an engineer and Jakub and Rafał’s innovative approach. We have been in lighting industry for over 7 years, during which we have established close connections with research and development institutions, universities and international electric components providers. Due to that we deliver state of the art lighting that meet all international standards and fulfill all customers needs.
Plantalux LED Lamp AX60 150W Full Spectrum


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