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Mandarin Zkittlez Lemon F1


  • Breeder: Breed Bros
  • Gender: Feminised
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: Mandarin Zkittlez x Lemon Skunk
  • Species: Skunk
  • Genotype: Predominance Sativa
  • Yield Indoor: 400-600g/m2
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
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Flowers: The structure of the Mandarin Zkittlez Lemon cannabis strain would likely be a hybrid of its parent strains, Mandarin Zkittlez and Lemon.

Mandarin Zkittlez is known for its fruity and citrusy aroma and flavor, while Lemon is known for its zesty and sour taste. Therefore, the resulting crossbreed might have a combination of these flavors and aromas.

In terms of appearance, the buds of Mandarin Zkittlez Lemon may have a bright green color with orange and yellow pistils. They may also be dense and coated in trichomes, which are the resinous glands that contain cannabinoids and terpenes.

Overall, the structure of the Mandarin Zkittlez Lemon strain would likely be a flavorful and aromatic hybrid with visually appealing buds. However, it’s important to note that cannabis strains can vary depending on growing conditions and genetics.

Shape: The buds of this hybrid are medium-sized, blending the conical shape of Mandarin Zkittlez with the slightly elongated and looser arrangement of Lemon Skunk. The bud structure is dense but somewhat looser than pure Mandarin Zkittlez, which is a result of the influence of Lemon Skunk genes.

Color: The buds combine the rich colors of both parents, with the light green shades of Lemon Skunk and the vivid purple tones of Mandarin Zkittlez. The pistil hairs can have a bright orange color with accents of rust-red shades, which are characteristic of Lemon Skunk.

Resin: The hybrid has abundant trichome glands producing resin, which cover the buds in a shimmering layer of crystals. The abundant trichomes are responsible for the high cannabinoid and terpene content, providing an intense aroma and flavor.

Aroma: The aroma of this hybrid is a combination of the distinct profiles of both parents. Mandarin Zkittlez brings sweet, fruity, and slightly floral notes, while Lemon Skunk adds a pronounced citrus scent with sweet and skunky nuances. The resulting aroma is complex, blending the richness of fruity essences with the pronounced citrus accents.

Flavor: The flavor of the hybrid is a harmonious combination of the sweet-fruity notes of Mandarin Zkittlez with the bright, citrusy elements of Lemon Skunk. The result is a unique blend of flavors that can attract cannabis enthusiasts.

Growth and Structure:
Combining these two strains are result in a hybrid with a medium height and a well-branched structure that balances the compactness of Mandarin Zkittlez and the more open structure of Lemon Skunk.

The hybrid’s leaves may have a mix of traits inherited from both parent strains. Mandarin Zkittlez typically has broad, dark green leaves, while Lemon Skunk’s leaves are slender and lighter in color. The resulting hybrid’s leaves may be moderately wide and exhibit a green color that falls between the two parent strains.


Ultimately, the yield of a Mandarin Zkittlez x Lemon Skunk hybrid may range from 400 to 600 grams per square meter (or even more) depending on the specific situation. Careful monitoring of the plant, maintaining optimal growth conditions, and using appropriate cultivation techniques can help maximize yields.

THC Level:

Mandarin Zkittlez typically has THC levels ranging between 20-25%, while Lemon Skunk has THC levels between 17-22%. As a result, the hybrid’s THC content could range anywhere from 17% to 25%, possibly even higher in certain phenotypes and under optimal growing conditions.

The yield of a hybrid resulting from the combination of Mandarin Zkittlez and Lemon Skunk can vary depending on the specific phenotype, growing conditions, and the care provided by the grower. Both parent strains are known for their moderate to high yields, so the hybrid is likely to have comparable yields as well.

Please note that individual plants can have varying appearances, and the final look of the plant will also depend on the grower’s skills and the growth conditions provided.

The F1 hybrid strain has three phenotypes – one dark and two greenish-orange. It’s important to note that F1 strains are not stable and can have variations. Additionally, the Mandarin Zkittlez Lemon strain tends to stretch significantly after switching to a 12/12 light cycle.

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