Cannabinoids Analysis

CBD / THC Reagent Test Kit


  • Up to 100 tests per bottle
  • Shelf life extended over 2 years
  • Porcelain plate, gloves, micro spatula
  • Results app available online (optional)
  • Booklet (A6/A2) for 700+ substances

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CBD/THC reagent test kit is a presumptive substance analysis set for all cannabinoid products. CBD/THC test kit is best for CBD, THC, synthetic cannabinoids and more.

What is CBD/THC Test Kit for?

CBD/THC Test Kit includes 2 reagents best for marijuana (dry herbs), hashish or other cannabis extracts, but also suitable for fresh flowers, cakes and more. It is used to positively identify CBD or THC and to rule out synthetic cannabinoids or different, less predictable, less desirable, highly toxic dangerous drugs. Multiple reagents are required to detect adulterants and increase analysis precision.Reagent tests can indicate PRESENCE, but not PURITY or QUANTITY. Mixtures can be detected with reagents with reagents only if adulterant causes a darker reagent test color change than the expected substance. To detect all ingredients and estimate their amount pair reagents with a TLC purity test kit.

What is included in CBD/THC Reagent Test Kit?

CBD/THC Reagent Test Kit includes 2 reagents (Cannabis and Zimmermann / Beam), a x60 magnifying glass, absorbent vermiculite, a porcelain reaction plate, a spatula, gloves, instructions and app for all test kits and over 700 substances. Every bottle contains 5 ml (liquids), 100 tests of each in total. High quality HDPE protects reagents from light, plastic, and moisture to ensure prolonged shelf life. Child-proof caps guarantee 0 spills.

What is each reagent test for?

CBD/THC Test Kit is best for marijuana (dry herbs), hashish or other cannabis extracts but it is also suitable for fresh flowers, cakes and more.

To compare reagents see the chart below. ➕➕ = positively indicates presence of expected substance. At least 2 are recommended to reduce the risk of inconclusive result. ➕ = positively indicates presence of some adulterants (see footnotes). ➖ = not applicable.

To view the chart below on mobile switch to landscape mode or preferably to a larger screen.

Cannabis (4-AP) – main test for THC / CBD, helps rule out synthetic cannabinoids

How to use CBD/THC Reagent Test Kit?


First, prepare a clean white testing surface – ceramic or glass is the best, e.g. bottom of a mug or a plate. Get your sample, reagents, a sharp tool / scoop and paper towels.


A bigger sample can cause a stronger reaction. You need a new sample for each test.ADD ONE* DROP (OR PILE) OF REAGENTShake bottles hard before use, then tap firmly to shake down any reagent stuck in cap. Do not let a bottle touch sample or you will ruin the rest of the reagent. Use just enough reagent to cover a sample. If using crystals avoid air pockets by flattening crystals onto sample using a clean tool. *Do not combine reagents except for „A” and „B” bottles.OBSERVE FOR UP TO 3 MINUTES*Disregard any color change after 3 minutes. Do not overinterpret your results, consider that color change reaction is always fastest and most vivid in the part where biggest surface of reagent touches sample, compared to its edges. Over time reaction will degrade due to air contact. Take photos.COMPARE RESULTSCompare color change with instructions. Reagents can indicate PRESENCE, but not PURITY or QUANTITY. Adulterants can be detected with reagents only if they cause a darker color change than the expected substance. To detect all ingredients and estimate their amount pair reagents with a TLC purity test kit.

Clean used reagent tools / testing surface with lots of running water and detergent, avoid contamination.

How to interpret CBD/THC Test Kit results?

CBD / THC test kit

Expected CBD/THC test kit results:

  • Cannabis reagent – blueish (THC) / purplish (CBD)
  • Zimmermann reagent – reddish (CBD)

Download TLC Booklet

How to handle CBD/THC Test Kit?

Drug testing kits contain toxic and/or corrosive chemicals, strong enough to burn skin and clothing. Keep out of eyes and mouth. Keep away from children and animals. Always use in a well-ventilated area. Wear gloves (supplied) when handling the bottle and cap. Wear protective eyewear. Never point towards face etc. If you get some on you/clothing, then immediately wash with lots of soap and water. Dispose of any unwanted reagent with running water, ventilate. Store reagents standing up and away from heat in a cool, dark place. The average shelf life of 2 years can be significantly extended by storing in a fridge or freezer (warm up to room temperature before use). Reagents deteriorate with time or due to contact with air, especially if exposed to sunlight or not refrigerated. If you are uncertain whether the reagent will work, test it with an already confirmed sample.

How to test cannabis purity, not just presence?

Pair CBD/THC testing kit with a TLC purity test kit. TLC allows you to discover full number of ingredients and estimate their amount, however still requires reagent tests to identify detected compounds.


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