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Breedbros is a collective of cannabis breeders who combine a professional approach to their work with a love of the most useful plant for our species. We are very happy to be able to pursue our passions and dedicate ourselves to the welfare of Cannabis. We form a group of experienced adepts of the art of breeding, who want to offer the world their best ideas for various cocktails in the form of original crosses and genetic selections. The cannabis variations we offer will delight you because we control every aspect of our strain creation, we set new breeding directions, which if they turn out to be right we implement into our recipe. We will be very pleased if you choose our genetics and we are sure that you will not be disappointed because we respect your time which you have to spend learning about our genetics.


American Legends : American Legend by European
Seeds Of Afrcia : Straight from the Jungle
Fatty Seeds : Fatty Seeds is an underground seed bank with very good genetics and stable strains.


We work with leading manufacturers of LED lamps that are produced in Poland and Spain. We also work with scientists from fertilization institutes who prepare our nutrients for the needs of growers and breeders. The plugs (Fibri Tech) for the germination of seeds we offer have also been developed in scientific laboratories and show greater capacity for reliable germination than their counterparts. The cannabinoid analysis products we offer give you the opportunity to get an accurate result at home. You no longer need to send your samples to the lab. That is why we are able to offer you the best and the latest technologically products available on the market. We are professionals operating in the industry for years, which is why we can offer you proven products that we use every day


LED lighting for plant growing is high-class devices that meet stringent norms and standards. They provide access to the optimal amount of light, which translates into a high level of safety for your farm. All the proposed accessories support the proper development of plants. The result is a satisfactory quality of plantations. Properly matched LED plant lighting reduces the amount of responsibilities related to cultivation. In addition, it does not pose a threat to plants that could be damaged under the influence of too strong light intensity or extremely high temperatures.

It should be added that LED plant lighting also allows you to minimize costs. It is extremely efficient and durable at the same time. It can withstand even the toughest environmental conditions. It will surely satisfy those who wish to invest their cash wisely. Lighting iconic brands is an investment that pays off the most. The user gains control over the course of the photosynthesis or morphogenesis process.


In this section you will find high-quality organic nutrients for growing plants. Man draws all the nutrients necessary for proper development from food, the plant takes them from the soil. If it is too lean, the plant does not develop properly. For this reason, it makes sense to use nutrients to grow plants. Fertilizers facilitate the photosynthesis process and make plants stronger and more resistant to diseases. The choice is very wide – our offer includes products for various plant species at all stages of growing.


Try germinating your seeds with the completely new technology provided by Fibri Tech plugs. Germinating in them is easy and fun. If you want to test for cannabinoids or impurities in your dried green, get yourself some home analytical tests!


All companies are reliable and honest ventures. They have a wide range, professional service and fast shipping. Among them you will find Cannabis Fair in Poland, growshops, headshops and seedbanks. All entities send parcels wherever possible. The packages are discreetly and very well packed, so that the goods arrive without damage. We only work with the best of the best. Buy in friendly stores! 

Fast delivery and stealth shipment

We have a really solid experience in distributing seeds to all our clients. We’re operating with most courier services. We ship directly after confirmation of payment to our account.  We give free shipping of seeds within the EU if you order a minimum of EUR 300 and a minimum of EUR 500 outside the EU. In Poland, deliveries are free from sales of at least PLN 300. In Spain, deliveries are free from sales of at least EUR 200.

Simple communication and flexibility

Depending on the type of contact you prefer, we will adapt to it. We are present on both encrypted and unencrypted messengers, i.e. Signal, Wickr Me, Whats Upp, Viber, Skype, iMessage, but we also use the Proton Mailbox. You can chat with us directly via website.  Do  you choose a different type of contact? Let us know.

Massive and professional warehouse

Complete supply is a priority. We aim to provide with every strain that we offer. We also put importance on guaranteeing a fresh product, maintaining the seeds at the correct temperature and humidity in special humidators, and ensuring that their germination rate and consistency are at the highest standard. 

Premium and unique genetics

In our bank, in addition to our friendly breeders, you will also find our own unique genetics. We also cooperate with underground breeders and every day we try to improve our varieties and strive to obtain the knowledge behind this passion. We are different from many in that we control every aspect of the production of our seeds. We provide you with a minimum of 90% germination, a minimum amount of hermaphrodites and mutants – less than 1%. Our varieties are ideal for commercial solutions. 

Professional service

We guarantee competent and professional customer service, which is important to a responsible company in this market. We’ve been familiar with plant cultivation and seeds processing since the late 1990s, and we’ve had an education in botany, agriculture and business. In a word, we know our things, and we hope you’ll find out about it soon enough. 

Safety: Security

In the virtual world, as in fact, it is difficult to have 100% security, but we assure you that we make every effort to ensure that ordering in our store is secure. We have a secure domain, protection licenses, a corporation lawfully licensed in the Spain and its representative office in Poland. You can contact us at any moment, and we’re funded by the Polish Free Cannabis Association (Wolne Konopie).