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Kalyseeds Trinidad Gold SWAG (13 pack)


  • Breeder: Kalyseeds
  • Gender: Regular
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics:(Trinidad Gold F3 (Northern Lights# 5 Haze selection) x SWAG Original) F6
  • Genotype: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
  • Yield outdoor: above 500g per plant
  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks

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Kalyseeds Trinidad Gold SWAG (13 pack)

Kalyseeds Trinidad Gold SWAG (13 pack). Beginning in the ’90s, starting with a variegated Blueberry F1 male which showed variegations and leaf mutations. This male was crossed with Shesherazade (Afgahni Kush) and Sweet Purple (Thai X Dutch Genetics). Throughout this period, from time to time again, mutants kept popping up. From 1995-2000 NL#5 Haze, Jack Herer, and Durban Poison have been introduced into the SWAG line. In 2003 the first stable mutants have been bred = Trinidad Gold. These mutants have been refined until 2011 leading to the SWAG Original. Over almost 3 decades, popular strains of that time have been introduced and reselected for mutations and variegations whilst improving flavour and potency. From here, the selection towards the Trinidad Gold SWAG Phenotype began, by crossing a Trinidad F3 with the SWAG Original and linebreeding it into an F6. 

If you are looking for an old-school sedative high, whilst unwinding the mind then most of the Phenotypes of this strain are for you. Yet, be warned some Phenos are rather heavy hitters, pleasing the heavy Indica-lovers. If you are looking for some of the craziest and most fu***d up Cannabis mutations around, then this strain is for you. Truly a unique novelty that ticks many boxes and lays the foundation for more craziness and amazing cannabis to come. Either if you want to grow incredible old-school weed or want to experience Cannabis in a form never seen before, then get yourself some Trinidad Gold SWAG. Great for breeders, enthusiasts, and Cannabis lovers, looking for something special.

Full specification

Morphology: SWAG Leaftype = smooth-edged (non-serrated) leaf edges and fused leaflets. Most Phenos produce a rather stocky Indica leaning structure. Others are a bit more stretched out and can reach up to 1.8 m. The flowers also have a unique structure, producing trichome-covered dank buds. This strain will produce some variegated, crested, albino and crinkled craziness plants. 

Aromas & Flavours: The parents have been selected to resemble their NL#5 x Haze heritage. Focussing on the slightly more Indica-leaning terpenes. Some plants are smoother, whereas others will have strong intoxicating terpene profiles.

Effects: Cerebral, sedating, stoned, and good for a movie night with Snacks 😊

Grow: High resistance to Pests and diseases. Easy to cultivate. The variegated specimens are a bit more sensitive to extreme humidity or strong sun. Nonetheless, they still perform very well even Northern European climate, which is rainy, humid and cold. The Mediterranean and Central European climate is ideal. 

*Important Information: TerpyZ x Kalyseeds varieties are primarily outdoor cultivars. Thus, indoor cultivation can increase the risk of Intersex traits. In case you encounter any issues, please contact us and rest assured: Our customer satisfaction policy has you covered.

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