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Kalyseeds Pablo Picasso (13 pack)


  • Breeder: Kalyseeds
  • Gender: Regular
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: Indian Summer Chimäre variegate F10 ((Purple Star X Blueberry F1) x (Purple Passion 98 x Mex. Sativa) x Purple Haze) X Secret variegated sativa male
  • Genotype: Mostly Sativa
  • Yield outdoor: up to 500g per plant
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks

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Kalyseeds Pablo Picasso (13 pack)

Kalyseeds Pablo Picasso (13 pack) is a true Masterpiece. A variegated duck-foot strain. It is a Sativa dominant Hybrid,  which has been continuously line-bred from our Indian Summer, for high potency. A secret sativa male has introduced the variegation into the line. Pablo Picasso has a high ornamental factor with its beautiful abstract patterns on the leaves. with a true old-school aroma. About 40% of the plants showed variegated leaves in our test run. Please keep in mind, Albino seedlings look healthy at first but lack Chlorophyll. thus will die about 1 week after germination. If you want to keep it alive, please graft it on an established green plant. 

In autumn, Beautiful Purple Colours are turning Pablo Picasso into a colour firework. Male Pablo Picasso´s frequently producing male flowers, that are Trichome covered like the male displayed in our Photos. Pablo Picasso mostly features old school Haze terpenes and a well-balanced sativa leaning High. In our Cannabinoid analyses, albino buds have been tested with about 30% higher THC contents, than green buds.


Morphology: Pablo Picasso develops large wine or maple-shaped leaves. The variegated plants produce a range of colours from white to many shades of green. The growth rate/ vigour of the individual plants depends on the degree of variegation and white plant tissue. More white and variegated plants = reduced growth. Yet, our testing has shown higher percentages of Cannabinoids in albino flowers.  Expect 1-2m outdoor-grown plants. The plant structure correlates with Sativa dominant hybrids.

Aromas & Flavours: Old School Haze, Pungent, Lime and chemical Jack

Effects: The effects of Pablo Picasso are providing a Sativa upbeat mood, without paranoia or anxiety. This strain comes with old-school flavours and old-school feel-good vibes.

Grow: Generally speaking, a very hardy strain. Does very well in Central European to Mediterranean climates, and requires a sunny location. Did extremely well outdoors in Denmark with a severely rainy and cold summer, the variegated leaf spots are generally more sensible. 

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