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JinxProof Sugar Smack


  • Breeder: JinxProof
  • Gender: Regular
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: Ice Cream Dream x 9lb Hammer
  • Genotype: Predominance Indica
  • Yield Indoor:  above 500g/ m2
  • Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

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JinxProof Sugar Smack

JinxProof Sugar Smack.

4 phenotypes have been detected. The first 3 are Indica dominant with noticeably less stretch during flowering than pheno 4. Indica dom phenos are very similar in growth patterns.

The stretch is very little when flipped to flower and very minimal stretching between the nodes. Dense, golf ball structured nugs are chunky and packed full of greasy resin. The heavy resin production is easily detected by 20 days into flowering and continues to multiply up to the finish. This is true for all the phenotypes. The flowers are lime green in color with speckles of pink.

Pheno 4 displays some sativa traits including longer thin leaves as well as a 15-20% stretch in flower. The nuggets are fat and conical in shape. It has dense and resinous forest green buds with fire orange hairs dripping in trichomes from head to toe.

Scrogging or staking is required as the branched become heavy supporting the burly buds.

It has pink speckling and a beautiful fading of crimson and gold sugar leaves.

Nutty, citrusy, earthy stem rub. The flowers emit sweet tropical fruits, lemons, pine fuel and funk.. There are also light notes of Jasmine and Gardenia.

High Type:

Relaxing and calming without wrecking your day. Recommended for relief of stress and anxiety related symptoms. An amazing pain killer!

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