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JinxProof Main Squeeze


  • Breeder: JinxProof
  • Gender: Regular
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: Main Event X Hell on Wheels
  • Genotype: Predominance Indica
  • Yield Indoor:  above 500g/ m2
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

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JinxProof Main Squeeze

JinxProof Main Squeeze.

3 noticeable phenos. They seemed very similar during veg, and the first few weeks of bloom. But as the weeks passed, the differences emerged. They adjusted well to being lollipopped and trellised. Defoliation prior to flipping to flower cycle will encourage ample lower bud sites. By week 5 of flower these girls are CHUNKY!!
Plant size and structure is very similar among the phenos.The subtle differences appear in the flower colors and leaf shapes.

Pheno 1: Has a very nice golf -ball-chonk bud structure to it with deep purpling/blackening leaves. Will grow another foot during flower.The leaf shape is wide shaped with deep saw blade serrations.The fattest leaves of the 3 phenos and definitely hearty indica traits. Definitely pulls on the 9lb Hammer heritage.
The buds are dark with purpling and when you crack into them, the center is a beautiful fuschia covered in frost!!

Pheno 2:

Is much lankier with more stretch than the others, as the Jesus OG lineage shows through. Topped with spear shaped buds covered in thick white pistols. This plant is purpling as well, but more of a deep merlot red.

Pheno 3: A nice combo of phenos 1 and 2. The leaves are long and skinny. It has some slight purpling but not as much as phenos 1&2. The bud structure is a bit of the golf ball and spear combo, more like a grenade. Node on this plant is amazing! The Sunset Mac traits are really pulling in on this one!

Pheno 1: Straight GAS with a sweet pastry like undertone.
Pheno 2: Sweet berries and citrus with a slight hint of diesel.
Pheno3: Very sweet citrus Lime with hints of gas, overall wonderful aroma.

High Type:
The smoke is very sweet and gassy and the effect is very heavy and euphoric. Relaxing for the body and mind. Amazing pain relief as well as stress and anxiety relief. Treat yourself, you are worth it!

* Each individual pack contains 12 seeds.

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