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CBD Cowboy
CBD Cowboy
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CBD Cowboy

10.00 69.00 

  • Breeder: The Outlaw Seeds
  • Gender: Feminised
  • Genetics: 
  • Species:
  • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • Genotype: Predominance Sativa
  • Terps profile:
  • Outdoor time: Half October
  • CBD: 8%
  • THC: 8%
CBD Cowboy

CBD Cowboy

CBD Cowboy is an easy to grow cannabis plant. With genetics that grow with incredible vigour, it is highly resistant to fungi and pests. Due to its high CBD levels (8%), it is most recommended for those who want a therapeutic/medic use. Cowboy CBD provides benefits such as relieving anxiety issues, stimulating appetite and relaxing muscle tension. The moderate level of THC (8%) in sunshine is ideal for a clear mind, anti-depressant, without deep narcotic effects. Its flavour is a ‘fruit bomb’, with deep aromas strongly reminiscent of orange, berries and sweet citrus flavours that linger for a long time.

With a good curing of these flowers their qualities are further enhanced, we recommend a small maturation test to notice the impressive aroma of their terpenes. During flowering, the buds are compact, filled with resin with amber tones and the leaves are purple.

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CBD Cowboy

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