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Spectrolight Starter 100W


SPECTROLIGHT is a company that creates highly effective solutions in the field of lighting technology, producing the most effective and efficient illuminators in the field of:

  • Plant breeding
  • illuminators exceed with their parameters and efficiency conventional HPS luminaires
  • Lighting production halls and warehouses
  • Road settlements
  • lighting fixtures based on COB LEDs with an efficiency of over 2.1 µmol / J

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SPECTROLIGHT STARTER 100W is equally uncompromising and aimed at smaller but very important breeders. It is an economical construction without losing the quality of components. Its radiation exceeds the parameters and effects of classic HPS 250W lamps. The same as in the more powerful model, we have a full spectrum based on the COB DualBand diode from the latest generation available today. A Swiss fan with a 5-year warranty is responsible for the cooling system. And the spectrum with a red color temperature with an admixture of blue is ideal for both the early growth phase and gives a high yield in the flowering phase.

Main features of the product:

  • Real power: 100W
  • Unprecedented PAR / W performance
  • efficiency> 2.1umol / J
  • Full spectrum from 400 NM to 780 NM – Replaces regular HPS 250W !!!
  • Ultra quiet cooling ~ 24dB
  • Optical glass lens with 97% transmission
  • beam angle 120 °
  • LED COB DualBand – much more efficient than Cree or Bridgelux
  • Perfect for a Growbox 60cm x 60cm or 80cm x 80cm
  • Cable length 3m + short cable with power supply
  • Our products have been tested by the largest Plant Breeding Institutes in Poland and have successfully passed industrial tests in greenhouses! 5-year warranty!


Download:  Booklet (PL,ENG)


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