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Kalyseeds Giant Crusader (11 pack)


  • Breeder: Kalyseeds
  • Gender: Regular
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: Crusader Kush “Sir Lanceolate” X Giant Pur Pur F5  Backcross towards Giant Pur Pur 
  • Genotype: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
  • Yield indoor: above 500g/m2
  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks

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Kalyseeds Giant Crusader (11 pack)

Kalyseeds Giant Crusader (11 pack) is a Crusader Kush backcrossed to Giant Pur Pur, increasing the Single Leaflet occurrence. The selected Crusader Kush has shown some subtle variegations, great hybrid vigour, serrated Lanceolate (single Leaflet) leaves. Typical for Giant Pur Pur and Hazey Terpenes. The Giant Pur Pur F5 was selected out of a population with Woody Haze Terpenes. Large-sized single leaflet plants and extreme vigour. 

Crusader Kush (GPP X AD17) is a cross of Giant Pur Pur (GPP). Is a vigorous and large growing single leaflet strain with serrated leaf edges crossed with AD 17. A non-serrated single leaflet Cannabis variety.

Giant Pur Pur is the result of Crossing a serrated Single Leaflet (Lanceolate) Landrace variety originating from the Russian Chinese border region “Amur” with our Indian Summer Duckfoot Strain (Blueberry F1 x 80’s Purple Passion x Mexican Sativa Landrace). Selected for the Single Leaflet trait over many generations, whilst maintaining old-school flavours.  

AD17 is a single leaflet strain, that comes from the SWAG-Strain gene pool, carrying Berry, Fruity, Floral, Fuel and Haze Phenotypes.

Detailed description

Morphology: Hybrid vigour and a range of Leaf morphologies. The plant leaves resemble common herbs or weeds like stinging nettle, Basil, Lemon Balm or Mint. The single leaflet trait is recessive and was rarely present in the Crusader Kush Generation. Resulting in a Duckfoot and SWAG Hybrid Line. The internodes are medium lengthened and the plant will branch out moderately.

Aromas & Flavours: Our test plants predominantly developed Honey, Hash, Wood, Haze and Berry Aromas. As selected for in the parental lines. Other Terpene profiles are to be expected

Effects: Hybrid

Development: Easy to cultivate and hardy to almost all environemts. Cold night temperatures have been handled well. In outdoor cultivation, not much fertiliser is required, be careful, not all plants will tolerate heavy feeding.

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