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Kalyseeds Apricot Roses SWAG (13 pack)


  • Breeder: Kalyseeds
  • Gender: Regular
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: Aprico Delia Ed Rosenthal F5 X SWAG Ed Rosenthal F5
  • Genotype: Hybrid
  • Yield indoor: above 500g/m2
  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks

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Kalyseeds Apricot Roses SWAG

Kalyseeds Apricot Roses SWAG

Check out these stunning Autumn colours. The parental SWAG Ed Rosenthal F5 is a cross of SWAG Original and Ed Rosenthal. Selected for Ed Rosenthal’s typical Hybrid traits and flavours. Apricot Delia is the predecessor of AD17. This SWAG line primarily displays single leaflet (Lanceolate) non-serrated leaves. This variety was also crossed with the Ed Rosenthal and line-bred for 5 generations. Both the SWAG Ed Rosenthal F5 and Apricot Delia Ed Rosenthal F5 have been selected for good vigour, yield and intoxicating aromas. The cross of them further stabilizes the Ed Rosenthal traits and the leaf morphology. Ranging from single leaflet SWAG type leaves up to 5 fingers.

Morphology: Single leaflet to 5 fingered SWAG Leaves, vigorous, up to 2 m in height. Extensive branching. Pruning can help to form larger colas. Many Phenotypes of this strain turn almost entirely purple-black when exposed to cold nighttime temperatures. Bringing out an incredible colour spectacle with green, purple buds, and yellow/golden leave veins.

Aromas & Flavours: Earthy with sweet to tropical fruit, from the Ed Rosenthal heritage and some Gas from our SWAG lines.

Effects: This strain is a typical hybrid. Potent for inexperienced users, giving you a body-stone and some enhanced mood. After 45 minutes, a bit more active uplifting effect sets in after some initial indica effects.

Development: Easy to cultivate in most climates, performing very well even in northern latitudes with cold and rainy weather. Also, ideal for hotter regions. It is not very picky about nutrients only make sure to provide enough Calcium, Magnesium, and other minerals found in mostly Miocene, calcareous, and light soils, High in Lime, Clay, Sand, and Silt. Indoors it can be a bit trickier compared to modern hybrids.

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