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JinxProof Pound Down


  • Breeder: JinxProof
  • Gender: Regular
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: 9lb Hammer x Comfortably Dumb
  • Genotype: Predominance Indica
  • Yield Indoor:  above 500g/ m2
  • Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

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JinxProof Pound Down

JinxProof Pound Down.


Two obvious different phenos in this cultivar.

Pheno 1 is an 8 week flowering time and pheno 2 is 7.5 weeks!

Pheno #1 being an indica leaning hybrid type of plant. Short, stacked branching with short node length, longer stretching 9 finger fan leaves, olive to dark green in color, with tight serrations. A compact plant in veg and into flower with minimal stretch. She is the perfect indoor pheno if height was an issue.

In flower she started to develop buds extremely fast, forming these tight thick calyxed buds,covered in resin. That stacked upon each other forming these nice fat indica buds with a nice light to dark green tint about them.

Pheno # 2: AKA “the grease bucket”, was also a indica leaning hybrid, resembling some of the same characteristics as her sister pheno. What was different about this one was her growth.  Through veg she was immense, putting on leaves like no other. 9 finger burgundy red stem leaves with tight serrations with a noticeable dog leg to the center point on some of the fan leaves, and a nice dark green shade to them. She had tight but longer branching structure, and very tight node structure. Very 9lb leaning with her chunky buds that wrapped around her stalks like a spiral staircase. She has some decent stretch in flower, but not too much. Kind of stocky, short and fat great for indoor growing. 

During flower

She started to develop trichomes very fast. From day 12 to the end she just dumped, hence the aka “the grease bucket”. She was much more resin covered than the other plants and was developing so much faster as well like she was weeks ahead of the other two but still the same age. The buds were thick calyxes full of resin. And by week 7 she was covered in amber from head to toe. This is a very fast flowering phenotype. Recommended for indoor personal grows as well as commercial production.


Smells of citrus, musk, and funk throughout veg, with a funky sweet stem rub.

Once flowering, she progresses into a pungent grape and earthy funk, also tart citrus and sweet fruit and spice. Sugary grape lingers on the tongue.

High Type:

Extremely relaxing and satisfying. Recommended for relief of anxiety and stress with an overall tranquil effect. Helpful catalyst to decompress and unwind. Perfect for muscle tension, pain relief and sleep aid.

* Each individual pack contains 12 seeds.

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