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JinxProof Hella Lit


  • Breeder: JinxProof
  • Gender: Regular
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: 9lb Punch (Purple Punch x 9lb Hammer) x Hell on Wheels (Sunset Mac x 9lb Hammer)
  • Genotype: Predominance Indica
  • Yield Indoor: 500g/ m2
  • Flowering Time:8-9 weeks

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JinxProof Hella Lit

JinxProof Hella Lit.

This strain has 3 main phenotypes.  Especially stable genetics lead to easy to grow greatness!  This strain also attributes a VERY hard pull from the Sunset MAC terpy profile, for a most refreshing, relaxing, and euphoric experience!

     Pheno 1: “Special Sauce” pheno is one that’ll finish a little bit earlier than others.  She might not be the biggest plant in the room, but certainly knows how to use it.  Well grown she’s a calendar picture of your favorite buds, and everything to back it up too!  Especially the colors!

     Pheno 2: “9lbs. of Sherbet” pheno, this one is much more simple, but unique, very refreshing ice cream backbone, with the sherbet being the dominant in this one.. Deep colorful leaves, purple buds, and chunky!  Fuelish funk from parental tree, earthy gas and sweet grape and berries.  Frost for days accompanied by excellent colorful fadeeee of all the ladies!

     Pheno 3: “Iced Punishment” pheno.  Got some sherb/gas funk mixed n with berries, she was a 50:50 mix outta the 3 main phenotypes. attributes. She is very attractive, displaying all the colors of the rainbow. Went very purplish/black/blue, reds and magenta awesome fade! Also refreshing mint background with her, just not as in your face.  She’s just a jar full of fun for all!


Depending on the phenotype, the aromas vary from heavy Sherbet, OG fuel and berries to more earthy Sherbet, earthy tones, with berries and fruit backbone.  This is definitely a nice ride for anyone.

High Type:
She is a quick hitter right off. But the full body relaxation takes a few, it’s almost like a free round 2!  Effects felt right after first “whack”, and she is a strong one so it doesn’t take much for even veteran enthusiasts.  Great medical value for many applications, but her terps allow a barrage of cannabinoids that help just about anything.  She is a very unique strain that is very long lasting and euphoric. The end effects are overall relaxing and satisfying.  Great choice for after meals, chill time, or when you are looking to relax. This strain is heavy Indica, but can be consumed lightly to be still productively functioning during the day.

* Each individual pack contains 12 seeds.

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