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Jinx Proof Genetics 9lb Punch


  • Breeder: Jinx Proof
  • Gender:Regular 
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: Purple Punch x 9lb Hammer
  • Species: Kush
  • Genotype: Predominance Indica
  • Yield Indoor: above 500g/ m2
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

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JinxProof Genetics 9lb Punch

JinxProof Genetics 9lb Punch is an exotic culmination of 2 trend setting beauties. The layers of tropical aromas, sweet berries, funky grape and gas for days will soon become your daily desire.

This strain has 3 main phenotypes.

Pheno 1: “Tropical Fiesta pheno” literally this plant is a literal tropical fruit salad with mango/papaya leading the nose as well as gassy purple grapes.  This was also the largest plant, that had the most beautiful of fades.  She grew tall, topped twice but still huge stretch. Enormous Indica fan leaves that are deep, lush, dark green color with red stems. The buds are fat, trichome dipped, chunky conical style with some spacing between the nodes. Resin coated from bud to fan leaf, railed out to the tips. Stupid greasy. Also some purpling in the buds amidst fiery red hairs.

Pheno 2: “Menthol Berries pheno”  Undeniably smells and tastes like it sounds. Very sweet, earthy cool minty, encompassed by “purple” berries and tropical fruits… very tasty!  She also was topped, only once, but stretched a lot as well. Tight node spacing with frost rails to the tips of the leaves. This pheno is greased up gas, gas, gas!   Went very purplish/ black, awesome fade as well!

Pheno 3: “THE AHH OK pheno”, now this one is much more straight forward on smell, smells like a 50:50 mix of parents. Deep green leaves, though not as large as pheno #1. Skunky mango, earthy gas and sweet grape and berries. Also some hints of citrus. Frost for days accompanied by excellent yield.


Depending on the phenotype, the aromas vary from a variety of OG Super Gas to a tropical fruit salad of mango, papaya, and sugary-sweet  berries.  Not just blueberries, but a literal fruit salad of berries. In addition, some phenos have a mild menthol taste as well as citrus notes.  Literally has a flavor for everyone. The exotic taste is  favorable both on the way in as it is on the way out!

High Type:
She’s a very quick hitter right off the bat, obviously indicative  of the 9lb lineage.  Tranquility begins with the first inhale. That nice “headband” feeling slowly works it’s way down through the rest of your body, and you’re feeling great in 10 minutes.  Most definitely strong medical value for pain, anxiety, stress and sleep.  You can still operate fine on this, but two bong loads will put you in your place. In general, the end effects are overall relaxing and satisfying.

Each individual pack contains 12 seeds.

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