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JinxProof Genetics 9lb Hammer


  • Breeder: Jinx Proof
  • Gender:Regular 
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Genetics: Gooberry x Jesus OG Kush
  • Species: Kush
  • Genotype: Predominance Indica
  • Yield Indoor: above 500g/ m2
  • Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

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JinxProof Genetics 9lb Hammer

JinxProof Genetics 9lb Hammer a heavy indica is known to pack a heavy punch and is recommended for relief from PTSD, anxiety, stress, chronic pain and as an effective sleep aid. At the time the powerful strain was created, Jinxproof’s favorite strain was Gooberry. Though not impressive for her yield, her extraordinary fruity tones, sticky sweet buds and beautiful array of Fall colored leaves made her a welcome addition to the garden. Adding Jesus OG Kush increased the yield tremendously while stabilizing dominant grape and skunky melon overtones. 9lb Hammer was born packing a full bodied hit of pure relaxation while sweet fruity notes blissfully dance across the tongue. She hits you like a hammer in the most sought after manner.


The prominent phenotype expressed is Gooberry dominant. This Indica style plant has early resin production and pushes rock hard buds with giant calyx smothered in resin. It displays Kush style growth. She has the abilty for immense growth, but can handle an intense pruning late in veg to train. Resin coated calyx atop large, dense nuggets are surrounded by Autumn colored leaves at the end of the growth cycle. A fast finish time and a very Large producer.


An amazing combination of melon, lime and overwhelming grape hichew-like flavors that tantalize the tongue. Also, strong ultra skunky berry undertones. The smoke is smooth with lingering grape candy residue that dances across your tongue.

High Type:

The Hammer hits with a full bodied stone, that leads to immediate relaxation. Relief of pain and anxiety is instant and long lasting. Recommended for relief from pain due to chronic illness, stress, muscle tremors, and PTSD. Also an amazing sleep aid. Careful, 9lb Hammer packs a serious punch!

Each individual pack contains 12 seeds

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